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Apotheke - Tonka Oak 3-Wick / 120hours / Brooklyn NYC

Apotheke - Tonka Oak 3-Wick / 120hours / Brooklyn NYC

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Tonka Oak, 3-Wick

Apotheke, Brooklyn, NYC


Our Tonka Oak 3-Wick Candle fills any room in your home with hours of unforgettable bliss. Made of perfume grade fragrance oils, Tonka Oak combines sweet almond, warm cardamom, and clove, accentuated by coconut, Iris petals, musk, and tonka bean to create a sophisticated and full bodied fragrance.  


The candles are hand-poured with perfume-grade fragrance oils and a high quality soy wax blend. Each scent is formulated with a unique wick, wax, and fragrance combination to create a strong and clean burn.


  • Hand Poured
  • Vegan
  • Eco Friendly
  • Small Batch


Material Used

100%  High quality soy wax blend, Perfume grade fragrance oils


Burn time

120 Hours






White Glass Jar


Made in Brooklyn, NYC, USA.

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